Brief Introduction of the Central Area of Yunnan September 7, 2015, the State Council approved the establishment of a state-level new district - the Central Area of Yunnan, to build China's South and Southeast Asia radiation center and important fulcrum, Yunnan bridgehead constructionand important economic growth pole, the western region of the new urbanization comprehensive test area and reform first innovation area. The Central Area of Yunnan is located on the east and west sides of the main city of Kunming. It is the core area of the industrial cluster in the middle of Yunnan. The initial planning range includes some areas of Anning City, Songming County and Guandu District, with an area of about 482 square kilometers, the innovation strength of which is quite strong with the advantages of industrial development, high regional comprehensive carrying capacity, and good foundation for opening up cooperation.

  • Integrated Management Department of Central Area of Yunnan
  • General Office
  • Organization and Personnel Office
  • Office of Policies and Regulations
  • Audit Office
  • Inspectorate
  • Economics Development Department of Central Area of Yunnan
  • Development and Reform Office
  • Economic and Trade Office
  • Park Development Office
  • Science and Technology Innovation Office
  • Investment Cooperation Office
  • Planning and Construction Management Department of Central Area of Yunnan
  • Planning and Development Office
  • Integrated Law Enforcement Office
  • First Construction Management Office
  • Second Construction Management Office
  • Finance Bureau of Central Area of Yunnan
  • Financial Integration Office
  • Financial Office
  • State - owned Assets Management Office
  • Administrative Approval Bureau of Central Area of Yunnan
  • Approval office
  • Public Resource Transactions Supervision and Management Office
  •    Investment Promotion Service Center of Central Area of Yunnan